Garden Photography + Book of the Year 2014 + Happy Birthday!!!

And as usual with late posts, I’m going to go on and on about why I haven’t posted for so long. How ’bout we skip that this time. Okay? Okay.  Sooooooooooo….. Since I haven’t posted in a while I decided I would do a big multi-post post (yes, I just made up that word). Tired of me saying post? Good, then you are mentally sound.

Oh yeah, by the way, today is EverythingBethy’s birthday! No, not me, the blog! Two years ago today I started up this blog and since then written approximately 35 posts (including this one), gotten 43 followers, and learned a lot. I know that 35 is like only 15 posts a year, but I’m getting there.

So, the next part of this post, the garden!

When I was weeding today I saw some pretty little (no really, really little) details that I thought would make some beautiful photos. So, I broke out the camera (AKA, mom’s Iphone) and seriously tiny pictures.

photo 1(4)

First,a pic of a tiny flower smaller than a baby’s finger nail. I have my fingers there just to show you how tiny it 2(1)photo 3(3)These ones were really hard to get. I literally lay on the ground and looked up to get the angle right.

photo 4(1)

This one is obviously blurry, but I like how it has the trees and sky in the background.

And now, for what you’ve all been waiting for, Book of the Year!

In case you missed it last year, Book of the Year is basically just anyone who wants to can comment on this post on any favorite book. You can recommend any books you want, but no more than 3, or else I will get seriously overwhelmed.  If I haven’t read the book/books yet or recently, I will read them. At the beginning of next year I will reveal my favorite AKA the Book of the Year. If you were part of it last year, feel free to submit the same book again to see if it can cut it this time or cut it again (hi Matt). The rules are simple: you have to read or have read the book to enter  it and you can not enter more than three books. That’s about it! Oh yeah, if you’d like to see what happened last year, you can find it here

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Rainy Day Photography + SNOW?!

Guess what… Its SNOWING! In March! And I have proof: snow day Isn’t that just crazy!? And it’s still snowing hard to! Anyways……………………… Photos! Yesterday it was rainy and wet all day. In the morning I went outside when it wasn’t raining to hard and got some pretty pictures. water drops 2 Mostly of water droplets. water drops I love water droplets. And I got some cute chicken pictures. dusty This is a picture of Dusty just looking at me. flower shutes And I found some little flowers popping up in our front garden… and now their all covered in snow! flower shute And I got pictures of water droplets on the flowers to (; clovers clover grassAnd I got some random but cute photos of grass and clover.. with water droplets! its a rock And I got a even more random picture of a rock. wet bush And I took a photo of a bush. Just because. buds Buds! bare foot And my bare feet on some broken down leaves and twigs. salty2 salty Salty! who are you looking at? salty2 notice Dusty poking her head in in the background. Photo bomb! why, hello And Tequila. big mama mama on branch We didn’t forget you, Big Mama! (notice Dusty is also poking her head around the upper one of Mama!)

mama jump I even got a motion shot of Mama jumping into the tree… yes, they still roost there!

mama looking What are you doing down there?

chickens And one last one of the chickens just pecking around. But where’s Dusty?

Dusty on compost Ha ha! Dusty’s hiding on the compost!

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4 More Cooking Tips I Learned From Experience

I know I basically wrote this already, but now I keep thinking of new things to add to my list of cooking tips. So, I decided I might as well share them! (By the way, when I say ‘experience’, I mean mistakes. Remember the egg?)

(1.) Learn from your mistakes

Seriously. You make a mistake, you remember it, you don’t do it again. For example, let’s say you happened to put a hard boiled egg in the microwave. And it explodes. Now file that away in the mistake section of your mental library so you remember and never do it again. (;

(2.) If Worst Comes to Worst, Make Do

So let’s pretend you’ve over spiced the fancy creamy soup you where making. Don’t throw it out the window! Think of something you could do with it or a way you could make it better. Throw in some rice and call it a spicy risotto. Or, plop it on top of some bread and you have a appetizer (not that you could do that with soup(;). Or maybe you just noticed you mixed up two cake recipes (your not the only one). Throw it in the oven anyway! You never know if your mistake will turn out to be a new favorite.(3.) Use Proper Knife Safety

Just a few tips: keep your fingers curled slightly when your holding the food. That just means to make sure your fingers aren’t spread  flat out on the food so you don’t chop your fingers to. Make sure your in a distraction free area. Just make sure your not talking at  the same time your cutting.Also, take your time! Would you rather take a few seconds longer chopping a potato, or chop your fingers really fast?

(4.) HAVE FUN!!!!

don’t let a bunch of rules hold you down. Have fun! Experiment! Enjoy yourself!

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Book of the Year!!!!!! (FINALLY!)

Okay, so I am FINALLY posting this after thinking about it for a long time, and I think I’m ready. I decided to sort the books by categories. This is all my opinion, I know that you might think differently about it, but this is just what I think. So without further ado, here’s what everyone’s been waiting for!

Most well written books

In my opinion that means a book that just pulls you in, if you know what I mean. So it pulls you in then keeps you in till the end. I’m sorting them starting with the most well-written book on top then goes down.

The_Lightning_Thief-1The Lightning Thief

An absolutely amazing book about a normal boy who is suddenly swooped up into a amazing adventure that starts when the sky turns dark and takes him all over- from the underworld to the top of the Empire State Building! This is a truly engaging book that I couldn’t put down from beginning to end!

love comes softly

Love Comes Softly

Another awesome book about a woman who loses her new husband and has to adjust to her new life and sudden marriage and the challenges of living on the prairie. This book takes a chapter or two to fully pull you in but when it does your never putting it down!

murder for her majesty

A Murder for her Majesty

Beautifully written book about a girl who literally bumps into some choir boys on the street and they get to know each other and decide to play a prank on the choir teacher to see how long ‘pup’, as they called her, could sneak in the choir dressed up as a boy. Little do they know they are about to go on the adventure of a lifetime together.

Funniest book

The funniest book to me is… well.. the funniest book! No explanation needed there!

anne of green gables

Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Green Gables is definitely not the kind of book that when people would say ‘that’s such a funny book!’ but I love how it has little funny parts thrown in.

Most Romantic Book

Romantic…. beautiful, lovely, and well… romantic!

love comes softly

Love Comes Softly

The most romantic book hands down is Love Comes Softly. Beautiful, beautiful book (and yes, I meant to say that twice) which I explained in Most Well Written Books above, but the best description by far is the one on the cover: ‘A tragic accident, a grief-stricken young widow, a lonely father and child- a tender story of two hearts by despair finding wholeness through patience, loyalty, and faith in God.’ Now that is what I call beautiful.

Best ‘Point of View’ Book

What I mean by point of view in this case is a book that the main character is different in some way or sees things differently so that it makes the book very interesting and unique.



This is a really awesome book about a kitten who is adopted by a newly wedded couple and is very much loved and appreciated. But then the space on ‘moms’ lap seems to keep getting smaller and smaller until one day they rush off and leave him all alone in the house. When they come back, they have a new little creature who cried all the time and took his spot in their laps. Competition starts fast as the baby gets older and takes time from his owners lives and he has to learn to make friends with the the new baby.

My Favorite Book

This book was so so so hard to choose. All the books were amazing but I finally decided that this book met my quota and I just have to say it was awesome. It really pulled you in, it was unique, it was interesting, and I completely recommend it to everyone. So now…. drum roll, please!………..the book of the year is………..














None of them!! I couldn’t decide so I just left it at that.













Just kidding! Got ya!!!


The book of the year is……













I can not tell you how extremely awesome this book is without giving it away. Just ask my family. The whole time I was reading it I was just “this is so awesome!”  and “I LOVE this book!” and I could barely put it down. You simply have to read it. Mention it to almost anyone and their likely to say ‘Oh, that a great book!’. The rest of the series is great to. I just finished book two, The Sea of Monsters, and it was awesome to! Only problem? It ended on a big cliff hanger!!! Matt, I need that next book! (;

the sea of monsters

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I’m Late…Again + Funny Video

I know, I know. I was supposed to post Book of the Year over a week ago. And I’m still not ready. Don’t worry, I did finish all the books, I just think I still need more time to think about it. All of the books where amazing. I mean, seriously. They where some of the best books I’ve ever read. I cant wait to show my favorites but its going to be really hard to choose! I would say more, but I’m afraid some hints about favorites might make their way out so I think I’ll just skip to the funny video part.

So I have some cute pictures to share of Lucy before I get into the video. Lucy is my little sister and is three years old and SOOOOOO cute!!

lucy hiding

In this picture she didn’t want me to take her picture so she lay on the floor and tried to hide under a blanket!

lucy running2

Here she also didn’t want me to take her picture so I got a motion shot of her running away (;

lucy handing

In this one (believe it or not) she actually wanted me to take her picture and she is handing me a hair band but I think the effect of her reaching in is cute.

lucy on bed2In this photo she’s lying on my bed with Kitty our outdoor cat as she is in the video.


So Lucy didn’t know I was taking her video she just lay on the bed with Kitty and asked me to take her picture. When she started snoring I got the idea to take a video. I sound kind of congested, I don’t know why, but don’t worry, I don’t have a cold (:

WordPress wont let me post my video without buying a upgrade so to see the video click on the link below:

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I’m Late! (Book of the Year Update) + Happy New Year!!!!!

Important update: I’m probably not going to be able to post the book of the year until probably the fifth because I still have one and a half books to read; A Murder for her Majesty I have yet to read and I’m three quarters way through the lightning thief. I must say though, I LOVE the lightning thief so far. It is seriously amazing!

What did you do for New Years? I went to a party where I met a man who organized a game of capture the flag which was awesome! It really helped that there where over twenty kids there! After that all of us had no problem staying up until midnight (;. Then they had fireworks which was made better by the fact that I was sitting up high on the top of the swing set they had. By the time I finally got to bed it was two thirty in the morning!

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Jr. Iron Chef Mystery Bag Challenge

Yesterday afternoon (or evening?) I was in a cooking competition called (as you could see) Jr iron chef mystery bag challenge. Lets rewind. In November I saw this advertisement about entering a Jr. iron chef competition that was supposed to happen next year. I showed my Mom and told her I was interested and guess what? She got me into a team of girls through 4H that would be happening THIS year! And I know the girls from 4H to so I was basically doing a fun activity with my friends! We were going to do a demonstration of a recipe they had made earlier in the year so I was basically jumping in in the middle of something they already started. Okay, lets speed up a bit.  The demonstration was at a gigantic mall called blooming dales and it was really fun. But apparently our coach saw that I was a pretty good cook and was comfortable in the kitchen so she decided I would be the one to take the mystery bag challenge. And that was what I did last night and it was awesome! So let me explain exactly what that is. They give you a bag of three mystery ingredients that you have 45 minutes to make something out of. Each team picked one chef to take the challenge against other teams. Everyone gets the same ingredients along with a ‘pantry’ of everyday items that everyone is allowed to use but does not have to be included in the dish. Your also allowed to bring one ingredient with you. When your finished the judges taste your dish. Now onto what happened.

jr iron chef

the man in the tie is announcing the rules and what is going on and all those details. You see that brown bag? that’s where my mystery ingredients are.

jr iron chef ingredients

these are the ingredients I have to incorporate. Gingerbread men, clementines, eggs, potatos, and the garlic herb cheese we decided to bring for my ingredient.

preparing jr iron chef

That’s me and my coach talking about what we could make with the stuff we got. You get five minutes after the ingredients are unveiled to talk with your coach.


In this photo I’m cooking some thinly sliced potatoes in some olive oil (from the pantry) to make a fritata (anyone know how to spell that?). Then I added some vegetable broth and wow! those potatoes just sucked it right up. Oh yeah, no adults are allowed in the kitchen unless there’s some kind of emergency or someone needs a special tool but cant find it.

cooking 2

The fritatas done and now I’m working on making a crepe out of the ginger bread and clementines. Notice I’m the only one left in the kitchen. There are about ten minutes left and everyone is already done. What I did was I crumbled the ginger bread and put it in the crepe batter. As I did this I saw out of the corner of my eye my mom and coach saying (mostly with their expressions) “what is she doing?!”. By then I had about five minutes crepe

Mixing up the crepe batter! Next while the crepe was cooking I tried to make a sort of compote out of the clementines with maple syrup. That didnt really work to well so I just said it was sauteed clementines.


I filled the crepe, put it on the plate with the fritata slice, garnished it with a couple clementine slices and gingerbread crumbs, and showed the judges.


They ate, they liked. Then they got up to announce the winner. What I really liked about what they did was they said what they liked about every dish. Then they announced the winner. And guess who won? my 4H club (AKA, me)!!!

water(it looks like I have short hair, but its just in a pony tail.) YAY!!! I was so happy and excited! Only problem was, I had a conainer of water in my hand. So I had to get up, put it on the table, AND JUMP UP AND DOWN LIKE CRAZY!

Me and my team mates did a big high five!!! (there was one team mate though who wasn’t there)

high fives

And guess what else? we each got a 150$ gift card to spend at Blooming dales!!!!

me and coach

That’s me and my coach.

me chef and vicky

And that’s me, Vicki (the leader of our 4H club), and my coach.

I still cant believe I won!!! I almost forgot: the names of my dishes are  Potato and turnip fritata with garlic herb cheese and a gingerbread crepe filled with sauteed clementines.

After that I couldnt stop jumping up and down I was literally that excited!

Time to go on a shopping trip with my gift card!

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More SNOW!

we have MORE SNOW!!! I cant wait to go out later and sled and maybe make some forts, snow angels, and snow men. At 9:00 this morning it started raining ): right after my mom announced the weather report said it was going to snow. Of course, then all us kids started complaining. Ten minutes later, snow!!! And it snowed hard! And it still is to. We’re supposed to get three inches of snow and I’m so excited! This is what it looks like from my bedroom window:

photo 4Notice the fall decorations on the right. Time to start cutting out snow flakes!

photo 3

Did you ever try taking pictures of snow? Lets just say it’s a challenge (;

photo 2

photo 1(1)Yes, I went out into the snow barefoot to take photos.

This is a little off subject, but yesterday I saw some pretty water droplets stuck on a little pine tree I have growing on the back porch and snapped some photos.

photo 1(2)

photo 5

photo 5(1)

Ain’t that pretty?

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Belated Book of the Month November 2013

**This is the last chance to write about your favorite book for Book of the Year. I just dont want to get book ideas on New Years Eve. Just comment below on your favorite book before December fifteenth and I will announce my favorites on New Years.**

So this Book of the Month is very late but I have two books that I just recently read and I think they are just awesome!


Caddie Woodlawn was a actual girl (but her last name was Woodhouse) and was quite a tomboy. She goes on so many adventures with her brothers Tom and Warren I cant even describe it. Her mother wants her to grow up and be a proper young lady, but Caddie wont do it. No sitting around and knitting all day for her!

Caddie Woodlawn is a awesome book mostly for girls but some boys would like it to at almost any age.



The Wild Girls is another amazing book about when a girl named Joan moves from Connecticut to California meets the queen of foxes ( AKA, another girl named Sara but calls herself fox) and the two end up making friends and writing a book together.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves to write (that’s you, Abby!) as it is very inspiring and of course to anyone who loves nature or both!


Don’t forget to tell me about your favorite books before December 15!

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Quick Breakfast Recipe and Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s hard to believe it’s thanksgiving already! The start of the holiday season. The holiday season for me starts on my birthday (Nov. 7) and then thanksgiving and then Christmas and then new years! And Christmas is just around the corner…….

Anyways, this breakfast recipe is more of a inspiration than a recipe. It’s what I do whenever I cant think of anything to make for breakfast and is great because you could make it with whatever you happen to have in the pantry. It’s basically a blend of cereal, nuts, seeds, and some kind of fruit and it tastes amazing! Here are some ideas of stuff to put in your cereal blend:

Cereal: shredded wheat (not frosted), nutty nuggets, cheerios, or some kind of plain cereal.

Here are the cereals I was talking about (not the cheerios, I’m pretty sure you heard of that)

nutty nuggetsCheck out that healthy ingredients list! Whole wheat flour, malted barley flour, salt, and yeast!

ingredientsAnd the ingredients of the shredded wheat are shredded wheat! Awesome (:

shredded wheatOil: coconut oil (my personal favorite), olive oil, vegetable oil

Nuts: walnuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, coconut (I’m pretty sure that’s not a nut, but where else would I put it?)

Seeds: sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds

Fruit: bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raisins, dried cranberries

Sweetener: maple syrup, agave nectar, honey, or good old fashioned sugar!

Toppings: yogurt, milk, soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk

chopped almonds 2

Chop your preferred nuts so there ate still big chunks. Heat the oil in a small frying pan and add the nuts and seeds (not chia seeds) and cook until starting to brown.

browned almond and coconut

Stir in any cereal, dried fruit, sweetener,  and chia seeds.

adding chia seeds

Put in a bowl and add any other fruit and toppings along with other toppings as you wish and enjoy!

homade cereal with yogurt

I topped mine with raisins, more coconut, and greek yogurt (doesn’t it look like whipped cream?)

Happy Thanksgiving!




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