Photos of Chicks

Our family has seven chickens (or chicks)…and sometimes they do some pretty silly things! One time we found the chicks in a tree at the edge of our yard!!! Here are some cute photos of them.


This is me standing next to the tree full of chicks holding a bigger (not full grown) chick.


This is chicks roosting on all the branches of the tree.


These are our chick wandering around the yard


This is a chick named Tequila… quite a funny personality. Unlike any of the other chicks, when we flip her over on her   back, instead of squirming and flipping back over like the other chicks, she’d squirm a little then calm down and fall asleep-looking like she’s dead!!!


And these are the chicks when they were REALLY little. aren’t they cute?

Hope you enjoyed Photos of Chicks!


3 thoughts on “Photos of Chicks

  1. I have chicken too. my chicken will go in trees I have 8 chicken and I had them since they where baby chicks. I have 7 road island red and one big black. I use to have 10 chickens.

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