How To Make Paper Beads

These are extremely easy paper beads that you can make from almost any kind of paper.


You’ll Need:

Paper-almost any kind works, as long as it’s flexible

white glue

a toothpick or skewer

a ruler


First  you will need to us the ruler to trace triangular shapes on the paper as shone in the above picture. Then, cutting  along the lines, cut the triangles out. Then wrap the triangles around the toothpick, starting at the large end of the paper then wrapping tightly all the way around until you get to the thin end. Then dab some glue on the thin end and press in place-you may need to hold it there a while to make sure it stays there as it dries. Then you can slip the bead off the toothpick and let it dry. Then you can start your next bead using the same method.

paper bead necklace

Note: how the beads and necklace look in the end depends on how tight you pull the beads, what string you use, and what paper you use.


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