Book of the YEAR!

I know… what? Two months since I actually posted a post! I am SSOOO mad at myself! Oh yeah, and Julys book of the month was (going to be) the rats of nimb.


to make up for it, I’m going to do a little something fun which I’ll hopefully will do every year…and also hopefully get myself back into writing more. So, introducing, Book of the Year! Through the next few months I would like everyone to comment what their favorite book is (or a book you really like) and I (maybe with some help) will judge on which book will be the book of the year. If I haven’t read a book that someone comments on, then I’ll read it. The rules are you have to have read a book to enter it (of course), and please post all book comments on this page (that’s all i can think of right now (:). I hope to post the results on January first but I’ll post if there are any changes.

balerina and books


3 thoughts on “Book of the YEAR!

  1. Favorite books
    Matt:The entire Percy Jackson Series, most favorite was The Lightening Thief
    Olivia: Little House on the Prairie series.
    Ashley age 8: Socks by Beverly Cleary

  2. Yo, Love Comes Softly, A Murder for Her Majesty, Anne of Green Gables. Haha, I can’t believe that after 3 years of hating Anne of Green Gables and refusing to read it, its actually one of my fav. books like the other two.

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