Fun Ways to Cook a Egg

Yes, I know it sounds boring, but stay with me here. There are, as you know many different ways to cook a egg. There’s scrambled, boiled, and fried, probably the most popular. ANYWAYS……. now I’m going to write about a couple of my favorite ways to cook a egg… or basically a really fast egg that takes sixty seconds to make (my favorite at the moment) and a poached egg

60 second egg (or eggs)


a egg
about a 1/2 cup water
oil or butter to grease the pan

First make sure you have everything you need right there. Get together a small frying pan, a lid for the pan, and the ingredients or else you’ll end up being like me digging around for a lid while the egg is just cooking away!

Heat the pan over medium heat and grease it how ever you want to. Let it heat until a couple droplets of water flicked on there sizzle. Then crack in the egg and let it sit for a ten or fifteen seconds while you rinse any egg of your fingers or get your water ready. The white should just be starting to turn white.  Then dump in the water and put on the lid really fast. You might want to lower the heat a tiny bit. While that cooks clean up a bit and by the time your done the egg should be done to! When its done use a spatula or a slotted spoon to pull it out and your done!

You could make more than one egg at a time but if you use a bigger pan be sure to use more water or they may not cook evenly.


Poached Egg


a egg or eggs
some water
white vineger

Fill a frying pan with water and add a splash of vinegar. Heat on medium heat until it comes to a simmer. Meanwhile, crack the egg into a mug. If your doing more than one egg just do the same thing with more mugs. When the water’s ready stir a little bit with a slotted spoon and while the water’s still moving drop in your egg and It should stay together.

When its ready just fish it out with a slotted spoon and your done!


This is really off subject but yesterday at co-op I made a really cute turkey that I had to share

candy turkeyIt was in the fridge until Ben (older brother) opened the door and it fell out! I picked it all up and I thought you would like to see the after picture

fall-aparty turkyThat’s a pretty tough turkey!!! (;


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