Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Before I get into all the other stuff, let me tell you about what i did on my birthday! So the day before yesterday was my birthday (Nov. 7) and on the day for breakfast I made chocolate chip pancakes (yes, I made my own birthday breakfast).

bethy w pancakes
the reason I’m wearing the crown is when I was nine I wore it and ever since its been a sort of tradition

(Sorry the photos small…)Then I made chocolate mocha cupcakes (yes, I made my own birthday cupcakes) and that afternoon I brought them to robotics to celebrate my birthday and another members birthday (Jessie, whose birthday is on the sixth) everyone sang happy birthday which was a surprise. Then we went home so I could get started making dinner (and yes, I made my own birthday dinner). I was making baked beans for the first time and I was just starting to stir up the sauce when I looked at the recipe and it had to bake for almost five hours!  I told mom and she had the idea that we could put it in the speed cook in the microwave and then put it in the oven to finish it off. I did it and it turned out good! OK lets fast forward to after dinner…. so after dinner I opened my gifts from mom and dad. I got a yoga pretzels thing with these cards that have a bunch of different yoga poses and yoga activities… And I got a yoga mat! Its like almost a inch thick and super cushy! I think its memory foam. Then we had ice cream sundaes and everyone sang happy birthday (Again…). And this morning dad brought me out to breakfast and I got a chocolate chip Belgian waffle with strawberries! And later my aunt and uncle are coming to visit from New Jersey and mom’s going to make a cake so we could celebrate all over again! Busy busy busy…. and I love it!

bethy w chickThis photo is a little random but its just so cute! That is me and Tequila… back when she was white (now she’s always dirty)!


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