5 Quick Basic Cooking Tips

I blew up a egg. Really, I did. I think I was ten and was just learning to cook and doing a little bit of baking (thanks to my friend Abby… awesome baker!). I was making a simple brunch and was wondering what to make when I remembered some hard boiled eggs in the fridge that my mom had made the day before. I took one out and out it on a plate in the microwave for I think 30 seconds. I to it out and all of a sudden… BOOM! I was so loud my mom from down the hall heard it and yelled asking if I was OK. All I said was ‘MOM!’ When she came running and saw the mess of the egg all over. I don’t remember exactly what she said but I’m sure it included quite a bit of surprise. Well, I guess you could say we just cleaned up and everything was alright. And I had a little something simpler for breakfast (;

1) Don’t microwave a boiled egg. If you ever do want to microwave a boiled egg, cut it in half first.

2) Don’t put oil in a hot pan. It’s best to put any oil in BEFORE heating the pan. Once, I started heating a pan, and then went and did something. When I got back I put the oil in the pan and guess what happened. It spit all over the place! I had a lot of cleaning up to do after that. Luckily I didn’t get burned.

3) When cooking with a lot of oil, like deep frying, as soon as you hear the first spit or pop, lower the heat. You really don’t want oil spitting all over the place!

4) Use common sense. Is it really a good idea to try to balance a pot in each hand? Probably not. Once, I dropped a pizza on the floor while trying to slip it on to a cutting board. FACE DOWN! Lets just say that it was very maddening. Luckily, I was able to save the crust. But all the topping was wasted. I’m not saying you have to be to scared to try anything new, its awesome to try new things, but, as I said, just use common sense.

5) Read the recipe through completely before starting. I’m serious, recently I planned on making baked beans for dinner but I didn’t read the recipe thoroughly enough. It had to bake for FIVE HOURS! Thanks to mom’s idea we managed to cook it in the speed cook in the microwave and then finish in the oven. You may think of this as a beginners tip, but really, don’t skimp.

Have you ever had a crazy accident in the kitchen? Let me know in comments!!!


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