More SNOW!

we have MORE SNOW!!! I cant wait to go out later and sled and maybe make some forts, snow angels, and snow men. At 9:00 this morning it started raining ): right after my mom announced the weather report said it was going to snow. Of course, then all us kids started complaining. Ten minutes later, snow!!! And it snowed hard! And it still is to. We’re supposed to get three inches of snow and I’m so excited! This is what it looks like from my bedroom window:

photo 4Notice the fall decorations on the right. Time to start cutting out snow flakes!

photo 3

Did you ever try taking pictures of snow? Lets just say it’s a challenge (;

photo 2

photo 1(1)Yes, I went out into the snow barefoot to take photos.

This is a little off subject, but yesterday I saw some pretty water droplets stuck on a little pine tree I have growing on the back porch and snapped some photos.

photo 1(2)

photo 5

photo 5(1)

Ain’t that pretty?


4 thoughts on “More SNOW!

  1. The droplets on the pine needles – those pictures are definitely “card worthy”! or maybe even “calendar worthy”!!!

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