Jr. Iron Chef Mystery Bag Challenge

Yesterday afternoon (or evening?) I was in a cooking competition called (as you could see) Jr iron chef mystery bag challenge. Lets rewind. In November I saw this advertisement about entering a Jr. iron chef competition that was supposed to happen next year. I showed my Mom and told her I was interested and guess what? She got me into a team of girls through 4H that would be happening THIS year! And I know the girls from 4H to so I was basically doing a fun activity with my friends! We were going to do a demonstration of a recipe they had made earlier in the year so I was basically jumping in in the middle of something they already started. Okay, lets speed up a bit.  The demonstration was at a gigantic mall called blooming dales and it was really fun. But apparently our coach saw that I was a pretty good cook and was comfortable in the kitchen so she decided I would be the one to take the mystery bag challenge. And that was what I did last night and it was awesome! So let me explain exactly what that is. They give you a bag of three mystery ingredients that you have 45 minutes to make something out of. Each team picked one chef to take the challenge against other teams. Everyone gets the same ingredients along with a ‘pantry’ of everyday items that everyone is allowed to use but does not have to be included in the dish. Your also allowed to bring one ingredient with you. When your finished the judges taste your dish. Now onto what happened.

jr iron chef

the man in the tie is announcing the rules and what is going on and all those details. You see that brown bag? that’s where my mystery ingredients are.

jr iron chef ingredients

these are the ingredients I have to incorporate. Gingerbread men, clementines, eggs, potatos, and the garlic herb cheese we decided to bring for my ingredient.

preparing jr iron chef

That’s me and my coach talking about what we could make with the stuff we got. You get five minutes after the ingredients are unveiled to talk with your coach.


In this photo I’m cooking some thinly sliced potatoes in some olive oil (from the pantry) to make a fritata (anyone know how to spell that?). Then I added some vegetable broth and wow! those potatoes just sucked it right up. Oh yeah, no adults are allowed in the kitchen unless there’s some kind of emergency or someone needs a special tool but cant find it.

cooking 2

The fritatas done and now I’m working on making a crepe out of the ginger bread and clementines. Notice I’m the only one left in the kitchen. There are about ten minutes left and everyone is already done. What I did was I crumbled the ginger bread and put it in the crepe batter. As I did this I saw out of the corner of my eye my mom and coach saying (mostly with their expressions) “what is she doing?!”. By then I had about five minutes left.cooking crepe

Mixing up the crepe batter! Next while the crepe was cooking I tried to make a sort of compote out of the clementines with maple syrup. That didnt really work to well so I just said it was sauteed clementines.


I filled the crepe, put it on the plate with the fritata slice, garnished it with a couple clementine slices and gingerbread crumbs, and showed the judges.


They ate, they liked. Then they got up to announce the winner. What I really liked about what they did was they said what they liked about every dish. Then they announced the winner. And guess who won? my 4H club (AKA, me)!!!

water(it looks like I have short hair, but its just in a pony tail.) YAY!!! I was so happy and excited! Only problem was, I had a conainer of water in my hand. So I had to get up, put it on the table, AND JUMP UP AND DOWN LIKE CRAZY!

Me and my team mates did a big high five!!! (there was one team mate though who wasn’t there)

high fives

And guess what else? we each got a 150$ gift card to spend at Blooming dales!!!!

me and coach

That’s me and my coach.

me chef and vicky

And that’s me, Vicki (the leader of our 4H club), and my coach.

I still cant believe I won!!! I almost forgot: the names of my dishes are  Potato and turnip fritata with garlic herb cheese and a gingerbread crepe filled with sauteed clementines.

After that I couldnt stop jumping up and down I was literally that excited!

Time to go on a shopping trip with my gift card!


3 thoughts on “Jr. Iron Chef Mystery Bag Challenge

  1. Bethy, I love this description of your cooking competition! Saw it on FB and now I know all the details! You’re a VERY good writer. Made me wish I could taste what you created. Wow. I’m very proud of you and VERY impressed!

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