4 More Cooking Tips I Learned From Experience

I know I basically wrote this already, but now I keep thinking of new things to add to my list of cooking tips. So, I decided I might as well share them! (By the way, when I say ‘experience’, I mean mistakes. Remember the egg?)

(1.) Learn from your mistakes

Seriously. You make a mistake, you remember it, you don’t do it again. For example, let’s say you happened to put a hard boiled egg in the microwave. And it explodes. Now file that away in the mistake section of your mental library so you remember and never do it again. (;

(2.) If Worst Comes to Worst, Make Do

So let’s pretend you’ve over spiced the fancy creamy soup you where making. Don’t throw it out the window! Think of something you could do with it or a way you could make it better. Throw in some rice and call it a spicy risotto. Or, plop it on top of some bread and you have a appetizer (not that you could do that with soup(;). Or maybe you just noticed you mixed up two cake recipes (your not the only one). Throw it in the oven anyway! You never know if your mistake will turn out to be a new favorite.(3.) Use Proper Knife Safety

Just a few tips: keep your fingers curled slightly when your holding the food. That just means to make sure your fingers aren’t spread  flat out on the food so you don’t chop your fingers to. Make sure your in a distraction free area. Just make sure your not talking at  the same time your cutting.Also, take your time! Would you rather take a few seconds longer chopping a potato, or chop your fingers really fast?

(4.) HAVE FUN!!!!

don’t let a bunch of rules hold you down. Have fun! Experiment! Enjoy yourself!


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