Rainy Day Photography + SNOW?!

Guess what… Its SNOWING! In March! And I have proof: snow day Isn’t that just crazy!? And it’s still snowing hard to! Anyways……………………… Photos! Yesterday it was rainy and wet all day. In the morning I went outside when it wasn’t raining to hard and got some pretty pictures. water drops 2 Mostly of water droplets. water drops I love water droplets. And I got some cute chicken pictures. dusty This is a picture of Dusty just looking at me. flower shutes And I found some little flowers popping up in our front garden… and now their all covered in snow! flower shute And I got pictures of water droplets on the flowers to (; clovers clover grassAnd I got some random but cute photos of grass and clover.. with water droplets! its a rock And I got a even more random picture of a rock. wet bush And I took a photo of a bush. Just because. buds Buds! bare foot And my bare feet on some broken down leaves and twigs. salty2 salty Salty! who are you looking at? salty2 notice Dusty poking her head in in the background. Photo bomb! why, hello And Tequila. big mama mama on branch We didn’t forget you, Big Mama! (notice Dusty is also poking her head around the upper one of Mama!)

mama jump I even got a motion shot of Mama jumping into the tree… yes, they still roost there!

mama looking What are you doing down there?

chickens And one last one of the chickens just pecking around. But where’s Dusty?

Dusty on compost Ha ha! Dusty’s hiding on the compost!


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