About Me


My name’s Bethany, but my friends call me Bethy. This is my embarrassingly old blog that I started when I was around nine years old (!). I refuse to go back and edit any ugly photos or fix grammatical errors on posts (for old times’ sake), so y’all can have fun with all that. (:

Every once in a great while I’ll post something new, so if you feel like it, subscribe. I’ll just shoot you an unprofessional email every time I write, which, like I said, isn’t often.

Have fun. And good luck.

❤ Bethy



chick in hand1

bethy w chick

bare foot




photo 3(4)

31 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi it’s Ashley and Olivia we want to now if you can come out when we are done with our school work that is in like a hour.

    1. I cant remember all of them but i know we have a silver laced wyandotte (not sure how to spell that), a golden laced wyandotte, and a Easter egg layer, we have another one but I forgot what breed she is.

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