About Me

My name is Bethany, though as you can probably guess I like to call myself Bethy. I’m a kinda nuts fifteen year old addicted to mason jars. I guess you could call me an autoimmune warrior, as I’ve been on the AIP for about a year now.

I have a creative side; I love taking random pics, drawing, dancing, and acting. And I have a farm-gal side; I love my chickens, growing food, and I want goats and honey bees. And I definitely have a wild side; I go barefoot everywhere and I love climbing trees.

Oh, and I’m a health nut. I love cooking. Like, I’m thinking about food constantly. I always seem to be reading about health, food, cooking, or growing food. And when I’m not, you can probably find me in the kitchen.

So stop by for a visit when you want to hear about what kind of crazy things I’m blowing up in the kitchen, get a dose of sarcasm, or just see some blurry pictures of chickens.

Hope you enjoy my blog!!!

❤ Bethy



chick in hand1

bethy w chick

bare foot




photo 3(4)

31 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi it’s Ashley and Olivia we want to now if you can come out when we are done with our school work that is in like a hour.

    1. I cant remember all of them but i know we have a silver laced wyandotte (not sure how to spell that), a golden laced wyandotte, and a Easter egg layer, we have another one but I forgot what breed she is.

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