Here We Go… Food!

So, I started the autoimmune protocol today (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out my previous post). I’ve been making a TON of food lately! First, I made barbecue sauce, which came out awesome. I tried to take some pics for you guys, but they all came out… well, not so pretty. You can find the recipe here, along with some much nicer pictures! Right now, I have some pork cooking in the crockpot to put the sauce on, so of course I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks (and smells) like it’s going to be delish! The recipe’s here. For a side, I’ll make some variation on this fried cabbage recipe .A few days ago, I made some awesome breakfast sausage patties that I froze for some quick breakfasts. I also made this ‘hummus‘, that is super simple but came out super yummy!!! I even tried some beef liver pate, but it has bacon in it, so of course it’s good! I tried to make pita bread, but I baked it too long, so I got crackers :). This no-mato sauce is yummy.  I butchered a whole chicken and baked it plain for quick meals. As for today’s meals, for breakfast I had a smoothie made with frozen strawberries, frozen local kale, some coconut milk I made yesterday, and a few spoonfuls of grass fed beef gelatin for protein, then I had a cup of bone broth. I have no idea what I’ll have for lunch, though as you can see I have a lot of options! And for dinner of course I’m having the pulled pork and barbecue sauce!

So, ya. Lotsa food!!! I’m planning on sharing some actual recipes soon, so stick around! And if you want more cool recipes and fun stuff, check me out on pinterest! I have a whole board on AIP recipes!

Also, I want to know what you want to see! More pictures? What I ate this week? Chickens? Let me know, in the comments below! (:

One thought on “Here We Go… Food!

  1. Thanks for trying my No-Mato Sauce! It sounds like you are doing well on your AIP eating strategy. Good luck!

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