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Keepin’ it Simple- Resolutions and Snow

Mildly interesting Bethy fact: before this year, I’ve never made any New Year’s resolutions. I don’t have anything against them, I just never got into them. But now, I think it would be beneficial for me to have a few goals. And I’m enlisting y’all to help hold me accountable because, of course, making something public makes it so much harder to just forget about it all half way through January.

I don’t have a lot, and I’ll probably be making more, but here are a few big ones:

Pirouettes my pirouettes are practically non-existent. I’d like to master at least a double on both sides.

Releves- For my non-dancer friends, a releve (pronounced reh-leh-vay, french for ‘raised up’) is basically standing up on your tippy-toes. Well, my releve is also pretty much non-existent, so I’ll work on strengthening my feet to get it higher.

Middle split- Last year, I got my splits on both sides (woot woot!), but my middle split still has a ways to go, so that’s a project…

Books- I’d like to read 63 books in 2017. Why 63, you ask? No idea. I’m weird like that.

Blog- My goal is to write 15 posts for you guys this year. I am fully aware that that’s only a little over one every month, but last year I only wrote six, so that alone would be a HUGE improvement.

That’s pretty much it… the big stuff, anyway. I’ll probably think of more soon, but I think it’s important to keep it real and not go crazy… keep it real, simple, and do-able.



Also interesting how much of it is dance-related. I suppose dance is on my mind. Today there was going to be a dance recital, but because of snow, it has been postponed to tomorrow.

I’m in four dances. FOUR DANCES. NOT FREAKING OUT.


Yeah, you see why dance is kind of on my mind right now.

But, since that’s off for today, I’m just hangin’ around here taking pictures and chatting with you guys.


Ya. I guess it’s pretty snowy.


Muffin (AKA Skipper) enjoys it, anyway.


(Yes, that is a Hess truck in the background. We’re keepin’ it real, remember?)


And I enjoy tea in my Shakespeare insults mug, Ted Talks, and nice pens.

Does it drive anyone else crazy when you try to take a picture of a window or screen and you can see your reflection? So annoying. But I guess if I’m going to ‘keep it real’, that involves dealing with the weird reflection on the laptop screen.

All right. I’ll stop rambling now and leave you, friends. For now.



(… Le Muffin who would very much like to be let back in now, please.)

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Banana Fudge Swirl Ice Cream (AIP, Vegan, Paleo)

I love musicals.

Nothing like a pile of total randomness to start a good conversation.

I saw my first professional musical earlier this year. It was The Sound of Music, and it was unbelievably amazingly fantastic.
My awesome aunt just took three of my cousins, my mom, and me to see Matilda the Musical, and it was unbelievably amazingly awesomely fantastic.

Alright, let me get to the point. I’m in a musical right now myself (Beauty and the Beast!). So I’m super busy, right? That’s my excuse for not writing in, like, a month.

Yep. Always gotta keep comin’ back to the excuses.

FullSizeRender (1)

Really bad quality pic of me playing Ida in HONK!, the musical I was previously in (also my first musical ever)

Anyway, on the subject of that fudge-y banana-y wonderfulness I mentioned earlier, this stuff is three (or four) ingredient awesomeness. Perfect for the 4th! It’s basically banana ice cream swirled with gooey fudge.

FullSizeRender (3)

Yeah, I know. You can save the thanks for after you try it.

It’s really easy, actually.
Blend up a bunch of frozen bananas: I did something around six or seven. Vanilla would also be awesome, but I am actually out of it (yes, I know, sadness.) so no one will die if you don’t use it (probably).

Once you get an awesome creamy dreamy mess, you’ll want to eat it all right then and there out of the blender.

Now you understand why I don’t like it when recipes tell me that I’ll ‘want to’ do this or that. What if I don’t??!!!


When you get creamy banana ice cream, I highly recommend that you make a fudge sauce to swirl with it, because that makes it even more amazing.

To make the fudgey-ness, stir together maple syrup and carob powder. That’s not too hard, right?FullSizeRender (17)

Then, dump in your ‘ice cream’.

2E2D0C98-2FFE-4F5D-BA33-996B5DD44F2B (1)

Now swirl it all together!  And watch as it becomes the beautiful self it was always destined to be.

FullSizeRender (16)

Oh man, I’m getting emotional now….
It’s just so beautiful. 😉
FullSizeRender (18)

Be really careful not to over-mix! Don’t let it be over-mixed, but don’t under-mix it either. To be sure that it’s not over or under mixed, it might be a good idea to take a spoonful out to see how it’s swirled in the middle. Not that anyone would consider eating that spoonful, of course. That’s just crazy… right?

FullSizeRender (7)

FullSizeRender (13)


I’m just going to keep inventing words, ‘kay?

Anyway, once you get those swirls just right, you can either eat it now or be patient and chuck it in the freezer for a while so it can harden into a … well… harder ice cream.

FullSizeRender (14)

Before freezer…

FullSizeRender (15)

pretty soft…

and after freezer…

FullSizeRender (2)

Okay, it’s still pretty soft… I only froze it for about an hour (i guess I’m not very patient). But there’s your finished product!

FullSizeRender (5)


Several very ripe bananas, frozen
Vanilla, to taste (optional)
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/2 cup carob powder

Place bananas and optional vanilla into a blender and puree completely (see notes). Pour maple syrup and carob into a large bowl and stir well until combined. Add banana mixture and swirl together, being careful not to over-mix. If desired, place in freezer for a couple hours to harden.

You need a moderately good blender for this recipe. I have a Vitamix, but I suppose a not-as-fancy blender might work, if you stopped a lot to scrape down the sides. It would likely also work with a food processor, if you had a nice-ish one.

FullSizeRender (11)

Enjoy! (:

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Fudgy Flourless Carob Mug Brownie (AIP, Paleo, Vegan, Oil-Free, Refined Sugar-Free)

Good night tonight. Parents out. 80s rock playing in the background. Me being a stereo-typically irresponsible teenager eating testing this brownie recipe. Life is good.


See, I shared, OK?! And that’s the whole point of mug desserts, right? Who wants to make a whole pan of brownies when it’s only you (and maybe a Lucy) there for it?  Personally, if I make brownies when there’s no one else around, I will eat them. Also, sometimes (gasp!) I don’t want to make a mess of the kitchen. So, if you feel like being a lazy loafer (like me) then this recipe is for you!


But I can not get over how amazing this is. I am at a loss for words (me, of all people!). So just eat it. It will speak for itself.



1 Tbs. mashed banana
1 Tbs. coconut butter
2 Tbs. carob powder
1 Tbs. water
1/2 Tbs. molasses
1/2 tsp. apple cider vinegar
1/4 tsp. vanilla extract
1/4 tsp. cream of tartar
1/4 tsp. baking soda
pinch salt
In a mug, place banana and coconut butter and microwave for about 30 seconds. Mash together as well possible. Then add water, molasses, ACV, and vanilla and stir to combine. Add carob, baking soda, cream of tartar, and salt. Stir well. Microwave about 1 minute or until fully cooked to your liking and let cool a minute before digging in. If you want a real treat, top with coconut milk ice cream!

I used a baby banana for this, which mashed is the same as one tablespoon. Random discovery of the day. Also, play around with the sweetener. 1/2 Tbs. was just right for me, but you might like more or less. Just taste and adjust to your taste. The cooking time will vary a lot depending on your microwave, so watch it. Enjoy!

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Chicken Apple Squash Sausage (AIP)

mmmm, sausage. With apples, squash, onions….


Oh, and there’s BACON.

I knew that would catch your attention.
I made a whole bunch of these and froze them for quick meals (after eating some, of course), and they are amazing!!!

So, step by step. I actually got whole chicken breasts and ground them in my awesome vitamix (yes, it is possible. Google it). Then I  chopped up my squash, apple, bacon, and onion. Thinking about it now, I guess I could have done those in the vitamix too… woops…

Chuck it all in a bowl with some spices. Mix it all up, then make them into patties or a loaf or whatever (the original made a loaf).


I probably could have chopped the stuff up a bit better, it’s kinda chunky, but still good.

I baked them for about 10 to 15 minutes, or you could fry them in some coconut oil for a bit. I used to freeze sausages raw, but that takes longer to cook, and it’s easier just to reheat.


There ya go! Yummy-ness in the form of a sausage patty.


Notes and changes:

I made them into patties. Duh.

I added some mace, which is basically the AIP version of nutmeg, and I loved the depth that it added. Highly recommend it.

I used fresh onion instead of powder. Very good, but next time I’ll chop it finer.

Also, next time I’m going to chop everything finer, so there’s not these big chunks. Maybe I’ll even remember to use the blender (!).

I tripled the recipe. A good idea, as these freeze really well.

Also, if you make patties, line the baking sheets with parchment or aluminum foil or something, since the chicken doesn’t have a lot of fat, you’ll be left with a mess on the pan.


Above all, these are delicious, and I’ll definitely make them again. The tripled recipe made something around 35 patties!
The recipe can be found on real food with dana.

Enjoy! (:

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What I Eat For Breakfast, AIP Style + FAQs

Hey, ya’ll!
If you have no idea what I’m talking about with all this AIP stuff, check out this post.

So. Before I tell ya guys all about the awesome breakfasts I’ve been having lately, I thought I’d update ya on how this thang’s goin (or, answer some FAQs). If you don’t care and just want breakfast, then feel free to skip this bit. I ain’t gonna stop ya.

Probably the most common question I’ve been getting lately is have I noticed any difference in my eczema. I think It’s  too early to start looking for any huge change, but I actually have noticed that I’m not crazy inflamed any more. Like, before my hands would be red and inflamed all the time, and no matter what I put on them, and stuff like coconut oil or even water would still make it flare. It’s still dry and wrinkly (makes me feel like an old lady sometimes), but it’s actually a lot better.

And then there’s those peeps who have no idea what AIP (autoimmune protocol) is (there are a LOT of those people), and I have a link at the top of the page that goes to my first post on this stuff, and explains all that so I don’t have to try to explain it twice.

And now….. FOOD!


Ooh, yum! Homemade breakfast sausage patties, bright pink sauerkraut, and sweet potato hash browns…
So, where would one find the recipes for those amazing looking thangs? The sausage recipe is basically just ground beef with spices formed into patties, and the pinkraut is pretty much my invention. Just sauerkraut made with red cabbage and some beets. The hash browns, simple and AWESOME! Grate up some sweet potato and saute in lots of coconut oil. Too speed it up, I added a little bone broth and put a lid on it to steam and simmer for a bit, then take the lid off and brown till awesome too you’re liking. Done! Super fast, awesome breakfast (I keep saying awesome…), made even quicker if you happen to have kraut in your fridge and patties in your freezer. Then I like to have it all with a big cuppa’ bone broth and I’m good to go!IMG_0266

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Here We Go… Food!

So, I started the autoimmune protocol today (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out my previous post). I’ve been making a TON of food lately! First, I made barbecue sauce, which came out awesome. I tried to take some pics for you guys, but they all came out… well, not so pretty. You can find the recipe here, along with some much nicer pictures! Right now, I have some pork cooking in the crockpot to put the sauce on, so of course I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks (and smells) like it’s going to be delish! The recipe’s here. For a side, I’ll make some variation on this fried cabbage recipe .A few days ago, I made some awesome breakfast sausage patties that I froze for some quick breakfasts. I also made this ‘hummus‘, that is super simple but came out super yummy!!! I even tried some beef liver pate, but it has bacon in it, so of course it’s good! I tried to make pita bread, but I baked it too long, so I got crackers :). This no-mato sauce is yummy.  I butchered a whole chicken and baked it plain for quick meals. As for today’s meals, for breakfast I had a smoothie made with frozen strawberries, frozen local kale, some coconut milk I made yesterday, and a few spoonfuls of grass fed beef gelatin for protein, then I had a cup of bone broth. I have no idea what I’ll have for lunch, though as you can see I have a lot of options! And for dinner of course I’m having the pulled pork and barbecue sauce!

So, ya. Lotsa food!!! I’m planning on sharing some actual recipes soon, so stick around! And if you want more cool recipes and fun stuff, check me out on pinterest! I have a whole board on AIP recipes!

Also, I want to know what you want to see! More pictures? What I ate this week? Chickens? Let me know, in the comments below! (:

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The New Year (AKA Chicken Poo and Diet Changes)

Happy New Year!
I hope your holidays were awesome! Personally, my Christmas was great. Got to chill at home then go to our friends house for Christmas dinner. New Years Eve I spent running around town too see various performers. New Years day, on the other hand, a chicken pooped on my head. Sorry. TMI? That was an interesting way to bring in the new year, aye? I guess that means my year will be awesome, because nothing worse can happen to me all year.


Anyway, with the new year comes an interesting change for me. I’ve had eczema on my hands (as in, literally on my hands) for pretty much as long as I can remember. If your wondering what eczema is, I was lazy and just looked up the definition for you:

noun: eczema
  1. a medical condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed, with blisters that cause itching and bleeding, sometimes resulting from a reaction to irritation (eczematous dermatitis) but more typically having no obvious external cause.
    (Thanks Google).

There ya go.
BUT, there are studies that show and people who believe that eczema is not a skin deep problem, but directly related to the gut. Or, to be exact, a leaky gut or autoimmune disease.
To heal it, supposedly you have to cut out all potentially inflammatory foods, including (if I’m remembering everything):

Non-nutritive sweeteners
Yucky additives and stuff

I’m also going to be limiting all kinds of sugar, including fruit sugar.
Along with cutting out all of those foods, I’m going to be trying to eat a lot of vegetables, bone broth, fish, organ meat, good fats, and fermented foods. I’m also going to be taking fermented cod liver oil.
So, yeah. I’m basically going on a restrictive diet/meal plan thingy to try to heal my eczema. And I’m actually pretty excited about it.
I’ll keep you guys updated on this (with recipes!) and I will definitely let you know if this works for me.

(I pretty much stole all this info from The Paleo Mom, and you can find a lot more detailed information there.)

Have you ever dealt with eczema? Have you ever gone a restrictive meal plan to heal yourself from something? Has a chicken ever pooped on you? Leave a comment and tell me about it!

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The Story of the Tiniest Egg Ever

So. I’m gonna tell ya a story about an egg. A really little one. Egg, not story.


A comparison for you: green egg is what you would consider a typical size for an egg, the size that we will usually get from our full grown hens. This one is from one of our younger chickens, who had recently started laying.
And the little one? That’s just the tiniest chickens’ egg in the history of the world.

Okay, probably not. But it’s still so TINY!
Here’s the story:

Late July. Lucy finds this egg and, of course, we all go crazy over this egg. Every person who passed through our threshold had to look upon this egg.

The problem? Who would eat it?! This egg was so special, no one could agree on who would eat it. I thought I should eat it because I take care of the chickens, cleaning the coop, getting them food and water, letting them out in the morning, and closing them in again at night. Lucy thought she should eat it because she had found it. I thought maybe mom or dad should eat it, because they pay for the food and for the pine shavings for the floor of the coop.
And you can only cut an egg that small into pieces so small.

After several weeks of this, I was heating a pan to make omelets and decided that it was about time somebody cracked the thing open.

Now, eggs, at least natural unprocessed ones, given enough time, will eventually completely dry up on the inside. So that means no nothing inside. You basically just have a hollow shell. This happens in varying amounts of time, depending on the size of the egg. A goose egg for instance will take a lot longer than, say, a chicken egg.
Both my mother and I knew this. In fact, she suspected this might have happened. So it didn’t surprise us too much when I cracked it open and saw this:

FullSizeRender (3)

Terrible pic, I know, but you get the idea. No egg!!!

So, the moral of the story: Don’t put things off. Or you’re egg will turn out dry. (;

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Wordless Wednesday: Chicks, Gardens, Sunset, and a Doodle














photo 1 (62)

photo 2 (67)photo 3 (39)

photo 4 (21)photo 4 (20)

photo 3 (38)

photo 2 (66)

photo 5 (11)

photo 1 (61)

photo 2 (65)

photo 3 (37)



IMG_2946 (1)

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