Chicken Update

Spring is coming!!!
Well, we still have a couple feet of snow on the ground, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere! The past couple days have lingered around fifty degrees, and the snow is just starting to soften up. Its about time.

the snow and the coop, which used to be an outhouse.

the snow and the coop, which used to be an outhouse.

So as many of you know, last May we moved to Massachusetts, leaving the three left of our original flock with friends.

mama jump

Big Mama, Dusty, and…

why, hello

Mrs. Fuzzy Faced Beast.
AKA Tequila.


Dusty died over the summer. ):
But Mama and Tequila are still doing fine.

Last fall though, we got a new flock.

photo 1 (54)

We got eight birds, two easter egg layers:
photo 4 (16)

photo 3 (34)They don’t really have official names but I call them Runaway (for obvious reasons) and The New Fuzzy Faced Beast.

Two golden laced wyondots (anyone know how that’s spelled?):
photo 1 (57)

Both of which ended up being roosters. Nice. I don’t have good names for the either, because we don’t know if they’ll end up being dinner or whatever, so its the rooster with the collar and the rooster without a collar.

Two rhode island reds,
photo 2 (62)photo 2 (63)Which don’t have any names at all because no one can tell them apart.

Then we had two golden ones, one of which was a rooster, and, to say it in a nicer way, he tasted good. (;

photo 3 (32)

But the golden one we have left is super friendly and adorable.

photo 3 (33)

Awwwwwwwwww, rooster protecting his girl from the iphone camera!!!!!!!

photo 4 (17)

And there’s always the chicken with the beard and lazer eyes.

photo 1 (56)

photo 3 (34)

Who’s fun to take pictures of.

photo 4 (18)

And some of the girls started laying! We are in the process of teaching them to lay in the nesting boxes, so the grosser ones are off the floor, and the perfect clean ones are from the boxes. I’m also trying to figure out who’s been laying, I know Runaway has, she layed that clean green one in the back, and I’m pretty sure the other green one is from Fuzzy Face, but the others I’m still not sure about.

photo 4 (18)

photo 3 (35)

photo 2 (60)

One more thing: notice the feathers missing from around the top of Runaway’s neck? I’m pretty sure someone’s been picking on her, but I’m not sure who, and I cant stand out there and watch them all the time, so I don’t know how to stop it from happening. Anyone know any tricks?

Till next time….

photo 1 (55)


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Breakfast Today: Health Nut Chia Seed Oatmeal

For the health nut in your life. Even if the health nut in your life just happens to be you…….

I guess the title for this post really should be breakfast yesterday, but I have a thing going now and I’m not stopping.

So yesterday’s breakfast was one of those ‘I slept in really late and now I’m starving and need something healthy and filling’ type of breakfast. So, I thought I’d make oatmeal with chia seeds for something different. I also wanted something nutty, so I pulled some almonds and coconut from the back of the pantry and added those in to. Then, I thought it needed something sweet, so when I had it in the bowl, I topped it with blueberries and honey. All good stuff.

First, heat coconut oil in a small sauce pan.


Meanwhile, chop your nuts. I used almonds and coconut, but use whatever you have.

photo 4(2)

I do a coarse chop, so I still get chunks.

photo 3(4)

Add to the coconut oil and toast till it’s, well, toasty!

photo 2(2)

Then add the water, salt, and chia seeds.

photo 1(5)

Bring it all to a gentle boil. By now it will look something like runny blue goo, but stick with me!

photo 4(3)

Add the oats and simmer till you like the consistency. The chia seeds will expand a lot, making it look like chia seeds with a little bit of oats.

photo 3(5)

It’s not very photogenic…

Then throw into a bowl or two and top with whatever toppings you like.

photo 2(3)



1 big teaspoon coconut oil

Whatever kind of nuts that you’d like

1 cup water

2 Tablespoons chia seeds

A pinch of salt

1/3 cup whole oats

Desired toppings: honey, fruit, maple syrup, peanut butter, more nuts, whatever you’d like

Heat coconut oil in a small sauce pan. Meanwhile, chop whatever nuts you want. Toast nuts in the coconut oil until they’re all toasty. Add water, salt, and chia seeds and bring to a boil. Once boiling, add oats and simmer till as thick as you like. Top with desired toppings and enjoy! Makes two regular servings or one huge serving

photo 3(4)

That one again? yeah, I really like that one. (;

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Breakfast Today: Nut Lovers Toast!

This morning I was craving some of that Elvis toast. So I started pulling out ingredients but guess what? We are out of cocoa. Sniff sniff. ):

So I spread peanut butter on the toast and topped with sliced bananas but instead of drizzling with chocolate, I topped it with chopped walnuts and shredded coconut. Thus, the invention of the nut lovers.

photo 2 (11)


A slice of your favorite bread

Peanut butter

A banana


Shredded coconut

Maple syrup, optional


Toast your bread. While the toast is toasting, chop the walnuts. It should be a coarse chop, so you still have larger chunks of nut. Then, slice the banana. Now spread some peanut butter on the toast, add sliced banana, then sprinkle with walnuts and some shredded coconut. And, if you’d like, drizzle with a touch of maple syrup for extra sweetness. I know, easy, right?


photo 1 (11)

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A Quick Sunbeam Photo Shoot

Yup. Another photography post. I guess I’ve been liking snapping photos a lot this week. And ya know what else? I don’t even have a section on my blog just for photos! Time to work on that… coming soon!!!

So, coming up the stairs earlier this morning I saw some beautiful rays of sunshine coming from the window in the hall.

photo 3 (8)

Isn’t it pretty?

photo 2 (10)

I got a couple different angles on it, to!

photo 1 (10)

looks a little antique, right? Well, that’s because our house is pretty much and antique.


And before I close this post, I’d like to remind everybody that now’s the time to enter your favorite book or books for the book of the year. I’m always looking for more reading ideas!!!

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Breakfast Today: My Take on the Elvis

This post is for all the sad people in the world who are in a breakfast rut, reminding them that there is still hope.  AKA, there are more things to eat for breakfast than a bowl of cheerios (;

So, breakfast today was inspired by a recipe on Oh She Glows, a great healthy food site that fellow foodies out there should really check out. This is her recipe, along with a bunch of other fun toast recipes.
This is the way I make the Elvis. In case you were curious, her version is sliced banana drizzled with sunflower seed butter, and topped with chopped dark chocolate. Anyone else drooling yet?

My version is peanut butter, topped with sliced banana, drizzled with homemade dark chocolate. Mmmmmmm….

photo 1 (9)

Oh yeah, It’s healthy too (can it get any better than that?).  There’s healthy fat from the coconut oil, protein from the peanut butter, potassium from the banana, and a little bit of iron from the cocoa (got to give it something, right?).

And did you know that healthy fat can help you lose weight too? (I always wanted to say that. There must be someone out there who cares!)




Natural peanut butter

1 Banana

Coconut oil


Maple syrup


First, grab a slice of your favorite bread and pop it in the toaster. Meanwhile, melt a small spoonful of coconut oil in a small bowl or cup in the microwave (if necessary). Add a spoonful of cocoa, and a drop of maple syrup. Stir, then microwave again for AT THE MOST 30 seconds. Check the texture. It should be smooth and not thick or runny. If it’s too runny, add a pinch more cocoa. If it’s too thick, add a drop more maple syrup. Then taste it. I like mine very dark, so I did not use a lot of maple syrup at all, but if you like yours sweeter feel free to add more. Then grab your banana, and peel and slice it on a bias, which really just means on an angle. Now put it all together! Spread as much peanut butter as you want on the toast, top with banana, and drizzle with the chocolate in some pretty swirls or something (;.

photo 2 (9)

I had mine with a glass of almond milk I made yesterday. You can have it with any kind of milk you want, but make sure you have milk with it. It’s one of those things where it’s completely necessary.

Oh, and remember, there’s no law against licking the chocolate off the plate.

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Garden Photography + Book of the Year 2014 + Happy Birthday!!!

And as usual with late posts, I’m going to go on and on about why I haven’t posted for so long. How ’bout we skip that this time. Okay? Okay.  Sooooooooooo….. Since I haven’t posted in a while I decided I would do a big multi-post post (yes, I just made up that word). Tired of me saying post? Good, then you are mentally sound.

Oh yeah, by the way, today is EverythingBethy’s birthday! No, not me, the blog! Two years ago today I started up this blog and since then written approximately 35 posts (including this one), gotten 43 followers, and learned a lot. I know that 35 is like only 15 posts a year, but I’m getting there.

So, the next part of this post, the garden!

When I was weeding today I saw some pretty little (no really, really little) details that I thought would make some beautiful photos. So, I broke out the camera (AKA, mom’s Iphone) and seriously tiny pictures.

photo 1(4)

First,a pic of a tiny flower smaller than a baby’s finger nail. I have my fingers there just to show you how tiny it 2(1)photo 3(3)These ones were really hard to get. I literally lay on the ground and looked up to get the angle right.

photo 4(1)

This one is obviously blurry, but I like how it has the trees and sky in the background.

And now, for what you’ve all been waiting for, Book of the Year!

In case you missed it last year, Book of the Year is basically just anyone who wants to can comment on this post on any favorite book. You can recommend any books you want, but no more than 3, or else I will get seriously overwhelmed.  If I haven’t read the book/books yet or recently, I will read them. At the beginning of next year I will reveal my favorite AKA the Book of the Year. If you were part of it last year, feel free to submit the same book again to see if it can cut it this time or cut it again (hi Matt). The rules are simple: you have to read or have read the book to enter  it and you can not enter more than three books. That’s about it! Oh yeah, if you’d like to see what happened last year, you can find it here

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Rainy Day Photography + SNOW?!

Guess what… Its SNOWING! In March! And I have proof: snow day Isn’t that just crazy!? And it’s still snowing hard to! Anyways……………………… Photos! Yesterday it was rainy and wet all day. In the morning I went outside when it wasn’t raining to hard and got some pretty pictures. water drops 2 Mostly of water droplets. water drops I love water droplets. And I got some cute chicken pictures. dusty This is a picture of Dusty just looking at me. flower shutes And I found some little flowers popping up in our front garden… and now their all covered in snow! flower shute And I got pictures of water droplets on the flowers to (; clovers clover grassAnd I got some random but cute photos of grass and clover.. with water droplets! its a rock And I got a even more random picture of a rock. wet bush And I took a photo of a bush. Just because. buds Buds! bare foot And my bare feet on some broken down leaves and twigs. salty2 salty Salty! who are you looking at? salty2 notice Dusty poking her head in in the background. Photo bomb! why, hello And Tequila. big mama mama on branch We didn’t forget you, Big Mama! (notice Dusty is also poking her head around the upper one of Mama!)

mama jump I even got a motion shot of Mama jumping into the tree… yes, they still roost there!

mama looking What are you doing down there?

chickens And one last one of the chickens just pecking around. But where’s Dusty?

Dusty on compost Ha ha! Dusty’s hiding on the compost!

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4 More Cooking Tips I Learned From Experience

I know I basically wrote this already, but now I keep thinking of new things to add to my list of cooking tips. So, I decided I might as well share them! (By the way, when I say ‘experience’, I mean mistakes. Remember the egg?)

(1.) Learn from your mistakes

Seriously. You make a mistake, you remember it, you don’t do it again. For example, let’s say you happened to put a hard boiled egg in the microwave. And it explodes. Now file that away in the mistake section of your mental library so you remember and never do it again. (;

(2.) If Worst Comes to Worst, Make Do

So let’s pretend you’ve over spiced the fancy creamy soup you where making. Don’t throw it out the window! Think of something you could do with it or a way you could make it better. Throw in some rice and call it a spicy risotto. Or, plop it on top of some bread and you have a appetizer (not that you could do that with soup(;). Or maybe you just noticed you mixed up two cake recipes (your not the only one). Throw it in the oven anyway! You never know if your mistake will turn out to be a new favorite.(3.) Use Proper Knife Safety

Just a few tips: keep your fingers curled slightly when your holding the food. That just means to make sure your fingers aren’t spread  flat out on the food so you don’t chop your fingers to. Make sure your in a distraction free area. Just make sure your not talking at  the same time your cutting.Also, take your time! Would you rather take a few seconds longer chopping a potato, or chop your fingers really fast?

(4.) HAVE FUN!!!!

don’t let a bunch of rules hold you down. Have fun! Experiment! Enjoy yourself!

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Book of the Year!!!!!! (FINALLY!)

Okay, so I am FINALLY posting this after thinking about it for a long time, and I think I’m ready. I decided to sort the books by categories. This is all my opinion, I know that you might think differently about it, but this is just what I think. So without further ado, here’s what everyone’s been waiting for!

Most well written books

In my opinion that means a book that just pulls you in, if you know what I mean. So it pulls you in then keeps you in till the end. I’m sorting them starting with the most well-written book on top then goes down.

The_Lightning_Thief-1The Lightning Thief

An absolutely amazing book about a normal boy who is suddenly swooped up into a amazing adventure that starts when the sky turns dark and takes him all over- from the underworld to the top of the Empire State Building! This is a truly engaging book that I couldn’t put down from beginning to end!

love comes softly

Love Comes Softly

Another awesome book about a woman who loses her new husband and has to adjust to her new life and sudden marriage and the challenges of living on the prairie. This book takes a chapter or two to fully pull you in but when it does your never putting it down!

murder for her majesty

A Murder for her Majesty

Beautifully written book about a girl who literally bumps into some choir boys on the street and they get to know each other and decide to play a prank on the choir teacher to see how long ‘pup’, as they called her, could sneak in the choir dressed up as a boy. Little do they know they are about to go on the adventure of a lifetime together.

Funniest book

The funniest book to me is… well.. the funniest book! No explanation needed there!

anne of green gables

Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Green Gables is definitely not the kind of book that when people would say ‘that’s such a funny book!’ but I love how it has little funny parts thrown in.

Most Romantic Book

Romantic…. beautiful, lovely, and well… romantic!

love comes softly

Love Comes Softly

The most romantic book hands down is Love Comes Softly. Beautiful, beautiful book (and yes, I meant to say that twice) which I explained in Most Well Written Books above, but the best description by far is the one on the cover: ‘A tragic accident, a grief-stricken young widow, a lonely father and child- a tender story of two hearts by despair finding wholeness through patience, loyalty, and faith in God.’ Now that is what I call beautiful.

Best ‘Point of View’ Book

What I mean by point of view in this case is a book that the main character is different in some way or sees things differently so that it makes the book very interesting and unique.



This is a really awesome book about a kitten who is adopted by a newly wedded couple and is very much loved and appreciated. But then the space on ‘moms’ lap seems to keep getting smaller and smaller until one day they rush off and leave him all alone in the house. When they come back, they have a new little creature who cried all the time and took his spot in their laps. Competition starts fast as the baby gets older and takes time from his owners lives and he has to learn to make friends with the the new baby.

My Favorite Book

This book was so so so hard to choose. All the books were amazing but I finally decided that this book met my quota and I just have to say it was awesome. It really pulled you in, it was unique, it was interesting, and I completely recommend it to everyone. So now…. drum roll, please!………..the book of the year is………..














None of them!! I couldn’t decide so I just left it at that.













Just kidding! Got ya!!!


The book of the year is……













I can not tell you how extremely awesome this book is without giving it away. Just ask my family. The whole time I was reading it I was just “this is so awesome!”  and “I LOVE this book!” and I could barely put it down. You simply have to read it. Mention it to almost anyone and their likely to say ‘Oh, that a great book!’. The rest of the series is great to. I just finished book two, The Sea of Monsters, and it was awesome to! Only problem? It ended on a big cliff hanger!!! Matt, I need that next book! (;

the sea of monsters

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I’m Late…Again + Funny Video

I know, I know. I was supposed to post Book of the Year over a week ago. And I’m still not ready. Don’t worry, I did finish all the books, I just think I still need more time to think about it. All of the books where amazing. I mean, seriously. They where some of the best books I’ve ever read. I cant wait to show my favorites but its going to be really hard to choose! I would say more, but I’m afraid some hints about favorites might make their way out so I think I’ll just skip to the funny video part.

So I have some cute pictures to share of Lucy before I get into the video. Lucy is my little sister and is three years old and SOOOOOO cute!!

lucy hiding

In this picture she didn’t want me to take her picture so she lay on the floor and tried to hide under a blanket!

lucy running2

Here she also didn’t want me to take her picture so I got a motion shot of her running away (;

lucy handing

In this one (believe it or not) she actually wanted me to take her picture and she is handing me a hair band but I think the effect of her reaching in is cute.

lucy on bed2In this photo she’s lying on my bed with Kitty our outdoor cat as she is in the video.


So Lucy didn’t know I was taking her video she just lay on the bed with Kitty and asked me to take her picture. When she started snoring I got the idea to take a video. I sound kind of congested, I don’t know why, but don’t worry, I don’t have a cold (:

WordPress wont let me post my video without buying a upgrade so to see the video click on the link below:

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